Facebook Meme Chat Emoticons Bar v3!

Today Taher Sellami released the Facebook Meme Chat Emoticons Bar v3 (using the sourcecode from the first extension by “Le Boss“) with all new pictures that fixes those who went dead or corrupt in v2!

Download here:



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10 Responses to Facebook Meme Chat Emoticons Bar v3!

  1. achraf says:

    Meme Chat Cod£s Emoticons

  2. Can you make me a LOL smily for Facebook? PLS!

  3. testing twitter connect

  4. maan pring says:

    Kindly pls. put the chat codes of those meme faces pls..

  5. Sergio says:

    All the codes for this app are broken… tested it on Chrome. Please fix. 🙂

  6. Louiezky says:

    pls make another link its broken i try it on mozilla,google,opera but its showing me problem loading page even my internet is fast!!!

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