Generators, Extensions and Programs! Oh, My!

In January, 2012, a lot of things happened…

A kickass new generator, one firefox/google chrome extension and two windows applications was made.

The generator:

Kirill Shulman and JP made an even better and faster extension that no longer needed a seperate image-splitter or facebook pages to work.

All you needed to do, was to select the picture on your computer that you wanted to

convert into chatcode and hit “upload now”, and you would get the code in return.


Report any bugs in the generator on their facebook page:


The firefox/Google chrome extension:

techez made a pretty nifty and easy to use extension to firefox and google chrome that

adds a small icon-bar to the chat window for easy access.

Facebook Meme Chat Emoticons Bar v2:

Report bugs


The windows applications:


The first application was made by Ivan Petkovic (K), and was a simple library of pre-made chat codes.



Report any bugs in the program to:



The second application was made by Michael Hartomo of FrozenFire and has a lot more functions than FBMCG, such as:

– 300+ Meme Codes and ASCII ARTs
– Shortcuts / Hotkeys
– Auto Text / Auto Complete
– Add Meme = Add new meme codes / ASCII ARTs
– Drop Down – Unlimited Gallery List
– Drop Down – Unlimited Item List with Image or Text Preview

FROZENFIRE Rogen v1.0 ( Portable ) For Windows:

Report any bugs in the program on FrozenFire’s facebook page.

Older versions of this program was Facebook Megen v1.0, v2.0, v3.0 and v4.0

Dalibor Dacha Alexic made a Galleries-mod for Megen with more chatcodes:


Here’s a couple youtube video’s explaining the generator, extension and programs:

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