It was December of 2011, and i started the facebook-page “Chat Meme Codes” where i asked people if they wanted to help me make some large facebook chat smileys…

Together, we made several facebook-pages, and used individual pieces of a picture as the facebook-pages profile pictures.

I used this webpage to split the pictures into smaller pieces:

This resulted in some awesome jigsaw puzzles that can be downloaded from the chat-codes library:

Here’s how it works:

Every facebook-page (and every album photo) has their own individual code or name.

For example, here’s 4 pages that i used to make a 2×2 picture of the “awesome smiley”:

The codes here are:

1×2: 295770667126779

2×2: 129097450550741

2×1: 225005317576273

2×2: 290126041033203

In order to display these pieces in the facebook chat, you have to put the codes in brackets like this:

[[295770667126779]] [[129097450550741]]

[[225005317576273]] [[290126041033203]]

The result:

My facebook page has enough users to get a name (and not a code):

If you place a page, group or person’s name in brackets, you will get their current profile picture in the chat:

[[ChatCodes]] =

The whole process of making the “awesome smiley” can be seen on youtube as a video-tutorial:

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