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Blissymbolics is a set of symbols invented by austrian Charles K. Bliss (1897-1985). His ambition was to provide the world with a universal system to communicate beyond linguistic barriers. The symbols are little pictograms or ideograms very easy to learn and to combine to create additional meanings.

There is currently one program i know of that can be used to chat with each other online using the bliss symbols ( but it’s limited to platforms that can run .jar (Java) files and the jabber servers are currently down. (

Therefore, i want to use the power of ChatCodes to make a extension for google chrome, firefox and hopefully other browsers as well like opera and safari. This project will be open source and under the creative commons license.

The extension will allow people to use Bliss symbols in the facebook chat which is one of the most popular platforms people use to chat with each other.

Project members:

Velja Janković: Extension Programmer
Raymond Holthe: Web developer
Tobias Andersen: Idea, symbols and video guides
Nina Bauge: Blissymbolics expert
Jallis Jan Ole L.A.: Other Symbols expert

The project is run under Oslo Beta Labs.

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  1. rida says:


  2. Hi Guys!

    I’m currently building an HTML/JS keyboard for typing Bliss. I didn’t consider ChatCodes, but they’re a brilliant way of getting around the lack of font availablity! I just wish they worked in statuses and things.

    Let me know how you get along, hopefully we can integrate my typing method into your rendering method and build actual Bliss chat support into FB! 🙂


  3. masil says:


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