Other projects…

Besides Chat Codes, i’ve got a couple of other projects i’m working on, or are affiliated with…
Most of them are for Norwegian only (okay.jpg) but some of them are also global projects.

Upit.no – Global, i’m only affiliated with this

This is a project made by my good friend and fellow student, and aims to become the #1 free picture host in Norway, perhaps in the world?

Right now, the entire page is in Norwegian, but more languages will be implemented soon.

upit.no features:

  • Unlimited uploads
  • 2MB max picture size
  • JPG – PNG – BMP and GIF support
  • Sharing trough social media such as facebook
  • Free user accounts where you can control your pictures (delete uploads)
  • plugins for firefox and google chrome

Datafobi.no – Norway only, perhaps global in the future, I’m Co. founder of this

datafobi.no was a school project that aimed to help people who are completely new to computers how to do simple stuff like installing a browser, setting up a mail account, reading the news, skype etc. trough video-guides with subtitles.

If we get more time, we might translate the video-subtitles to other languages, thus helping people all over the world how to start surfing the web.

(The word “datafobi” is a Norwegian word, meaning phobia for computers.)


Finnvegg.no – Only Norway, i’m the founder of this

This is a project i started to promote legal graffiti, and it’s a small and simple forum where people can share information about where to find legal walls all over Norway and buy and sell graffiti.

Hopefully, this will make legal graffiti more common in public and make tagging less common.

And for those who don’t know, yes, there is a difference between graffiti and tagging, guess which is which:

(Picture taken from http://9gag.com/gag/116143)

finnvegg.no on facebook

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