Extension update!

The extension produced by Taher Sellami (using the sourcecode from the first extension by “Le Boss“) has finally been updated!

You can get it here: userscripts.org/scripts/show/130128

Bug reports: spistek@yahoo.fr

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11 Responses to Extension update!

  1. daiquiri says:

    It’s not working. When I click the meme icon it only adds a space to the chat, nothing else.

    Firefox 11

    • turbolego says:

      try restarting the browser, or close all chat windows and do a “F5-button-refresh”.

      • Hey! I had this problem and I solved it.
        I’m using a chrome extension for facebook called: FB Photo Zoom.
        I tried using the meme chat, but when I clicked, only a white space would appear.
        1- I disabled the FB Photo Zoom.
        2- Closed the chat window I had open.
        3- Reopened the closed chat window.
        4- Meme all the way you want it! 😉

  2. PETER says:

    not working, only adding space when clicking the icons

  3. Revo says:

    Hi.. Smileyti.me has a bug the captcha is not showing up please help
    Heres a Screen Shot http://i.imgur.com/99RTH.jpg

  4. Hey, this doesn’t seem to work for me. I did everything you said and I am still getting the spaces :\ Would love it if you could reply 🙂

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